8.11.1878 E. C. Wines–LM

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Dear Sir,

It has long been in my heart totillagt pre-
pare a work on the state of prisons and of preventive and reform-
atory institutions throughout the civilized world. I have already
gathered a rich store of materials for this work, but am anx-
ious to procure the latest, fullest, and most authentic inform-
ation, with a view to make it as complete as possible. Therefore
I venture to make this appeal to all, in every part of the
world, who desire a right solution of the great problem of
crime-prevention and crime-repression, yourself among
the number, to aid me in this matter, by communica-
ting such information as you may posses, or may read-
ily obtain, touching the criminal laws, the administration
of criminal justice, the prisons, and the preventive and re-
formatory institutions for the young, in the country of which
you are a citizen, or where you are sojourner
as minister, missionary, consul, merchant, banker,
or in whatever other capacity. For information on all or any
of these points, I shall be most grateful.

To some of the persons, who will receive this circular,
I am already largely indebted, and can neither ask nor ex-
pect to receive much more. Still I shall be both glad
and thankful for any additional items they may be able
and willing to impart.

As early a reply as may be convenient is respectfully
asked, and in English or French, if possible.

Very truly Yours,

E. C. Wines, Honorary
President of the International Penitentiary Congress of Stockholm

Irvington-on-Hudson, New York.

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